Lulu the Bankrobber's Wife

Product Description

Lulu (Lene Maria Christensen, The Legacy) is a smart and independent woman with her own beauty salon in the suburbs. Leon (Lars Brygmann, Unit One, Borgen) is a habitual bankrobber with a heart of gold and an insatiable knack for pulling off almost-flawless heists. Their life together comes to a screeching halt when Leon gets arrested and sent to jail on their wedding night and Lulu has to assume control of his criminal enterprises. She finds herself in the male-dominated underworld of gangsters and falls for the charming but corrupt criminal detective Patrick Smith. As Patrick works to unravel Lulu's loyalty to her jailbird husband, she struggles to keep a roof over her family's head, protect her kids, and figure out whether Leon, Patrick, or either is worthy of her love. Brimming with irony, this dark comedy is an examination of the outrageous expectations placed on the modern woman.

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SKU: 16916

Region 1 NTSC For Use In U.S. DVD Players

Format: 16:9 Widescreen

Run time: 494 Min.

Discs: 4-DVD Set

Country of Origin: Denmark

Language: Danish with English Subtitles

Bonus Features:

DVD Release Date: January 24, 2017

UPC Code: 815047019164

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Actor(s): Lene Maria Christensen, Lars Brygmann, Lars Kaalund, Jakob Randrup, Nicole Johansen

Director(s): Jannik Johansen, Christina Rosendahl, Natasha Arthy, Carsten Myllerup, Jannik Johansen, Henrik Ruben Genz

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