Fog and Crimes: Series 3

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Being a brilliant investigator is small comfort for Inspector Franco Soneri as he finds himself on the rebound from a tumultuous relationship with his Ukrainian girlfriend, Angela Cornelio. Transferring to Torino, he takes on fresh cases and begins building a new team, but nothing compares with the challenges he faces when he becomes the temporary guardian of a runaway girl, Immacolata. On the job he's still got it, but as he collaborates with Chiara, the ER physician who's managing Immacolata's case, he wonders if he could ever find love again. Filmed on location in the atmospheric countryside of northern Italy, these mysteries are based on the bestselling crime novels by Valerio Varesi.

Soneri's ex-girlfriend Angela wakes up in a strange bed next to a former client who's been stabbed to death. The murdered man is a photographer with a sketchy past and links to drug trafficking. Soneri claims he can work impartially on the investigation, but the judge assigned to the case questions his motives.

Soneri gets transferred to Torino, where his first case involves a beautiful woman found strangled in a car that's plunged off a cliff. He also becomes involved in the lives of two young women: a wily and precocious street urchin whom he accidentally hit with his car and the dedicated ER physician who treats her.

A gang of hooded youths has been stealing from luxurious villas in the hills, leaving a black hood behind as a signature. When a young man from an aristocratic family is found murdered, it's easy to blame the hooded thieves. While working the case, Soneri also has to deal with the challenges of being Immacolata's caretaker.

Immacolata is found off a pier practically beaten to death. When he learns that she's witnessed a murder, Soneri urges Chiara to bring her to the southern seaside town of Otranto, where he's gone to escape for a few days. He offers to hide them while he keeps Immacolata from becoming a murder victim herself.

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Fog and Crimes Season 1

Fog and Crimes Season 2

Fog and Crimes Season 3

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Region 1 NTSC For Use In U.S. DVD Players

Format: Widescreen

Run time: 381 Min.

Discs: 2-DVD Set

Country of Origin: Italy

Language: Italian with English Subtitles

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DVD Release Date: February 26, 2013

UPC Code: 815047017146

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Fog and Crimes Season 1

Fog and Crimes Season 2

Fog and Crimes Season 3

Actor(s): Luca Barbareschi, Natasha Stefanenko

Director(s): Gianpaolo Tescari

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